Private Island Life


Unwind & Chill

What to bring to Brother Island? Friends & Family (for your own destination wedding or yoga retreat ) the book you never seem to be able to finish, your favourite music, sunscreen, insect repellant & shades. That is all you need on a private island.


Here & Now

Preserving the Private Island Life since 1991, we stand apart from the commercialised El Nido of today. Thus we have no WiFi, TV & AC on Brother Island. Like this we can ensure that you will have a comfortable & stress-free environment for destination weddings & yoga retreats.


Far & Beyond

The private island life may be very different from the usual environments you might regularly find yourself in. It is the far & beyond, any urban areas & all the problems that may come with it. That is also why we accept exclusive bookings only on Brother Island.

Included / Additional Services

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